MP calls for Parliament probe of rate 'rigging' evidence

MP calls for Parliament probe of rate 'rigging' evidencePublished2 days agoShare pageAbout …

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How world's deepest fish was caught on camera

Scientist Alan Jamieson explains how his team captured footage 8,336m (27,349ft) under water. …

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Hong Kongers arrested for 'seditious' picture books

Two men were charged for merely possessing the books which Hong Kong officials say challenge the state. …

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Pakistan minister: It's India's call on peace talks

Bilawal Bhutto Zardari is the first Pakistani foreign minister to visit India since 2011. …

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ISIS-inspired terrorist who killed eight with truck in NY is convicted

An Islamic extremist who killed eight people with a speeding truck in a 2017 rampage on a popular New York City bike path was convicted Thursday of federal crimes and could face the death penalty.…

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Strikes and sanctions mark Myanmar coup anniversary

Protesters urge the public to stay at home as the military is hit by new Western sanctions. …

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